4 de outubro de 2017


There are various ways to start thinking about life, about what are we doing here and what we want to do. So I bring you the book that most made me think about what was I doing with my life, what could change for better, what could I do for others and that book is The saint, the surfer and the CEO by Robin Sharma.
The way he writes touched me without notecing. If I try to be a better person for myself and others, then after reading this book it is something I value even more and do my best every time.
Also it teaches us that if we feel we are not evolving as persons then it is our responsability to change it and that we can do it, so we have de chance to grow more and better, together, with our body and soul.
Said that I want to tell you that, for now, this is the last post on the blog. I am going to do a break so I can grow in different ways. I hope I'll be back with some different content and more related with myself.
Thank you for all the support and I hope to be back soon.

4 de setembro de 2017


My body is like 8 or 80 with seasons, there isn’t a middle term. When it’s winter, I almost die freezing and when it’s summer I almost die by melting. Although I ‘work’ this way, there’s nothing I love most than a really hot day at the beach, where the routine is getting in the water and stay there like a fish until my lips start getting purple, asking me to go to the towel under a heartwarming sun so my skin absorbs it until the feeling of burn. When it gets to this part is time to transform in a fish again and let it get into a cicle. This is my image of a well enjoyed summer day, no matter if it is with family, friends or just by myself, when I have a day like this, I have a happy day.
And your image of a happy summer day, what is it ?

16 de agosto de 2017


This one goes to those who don’t think too much about decisions. To those who overthink, but don’t want to. And to all the human being in this world who just want to escape to his/her ordinary lifestyle.
Have you ever done something you didn’t planed ? Have you ever just got this crazy ideia of doing something out of your confort zone ? Well maybe, now you should think more seriously about it. I mean, you shouldn’t start to life just by unexpected experiences, but a litle less control in our lives is something that may help us all appreciating more live, living it more intensively and creating amazing memories. It doesn’t has to be anything huge, like a trip around the world, what just about calling a friend in the midle of the night to go get an ice-cream at the beach just beacuse it was what you wanted to do ? Those will be your best memories, those will be the ones that will make you smile when you’re 80 years looking back at your life.

21 de julho de 2017


Get out of your home, of your conforte zone. Take a walk to a nice, peaceful place, a place where the only thing you have is nature. Look around and feel it. Observe the amazing things given to you by the universe and appreciate it. Take a time to yourself to feel one of the strongest and purest energies you have on earth. Close your eyes and ear the relaxing noise she offers to you. Let your mind be clear and your body flow around interacting with the beautiful presence you have there.
Aprecciate more. Feel more. Connect more.

29 de junho de 2017


The end of this school year must have been the most awkward I had in terms of emotions. When in high school we are used to have no exams, start to have less classes so there is no stress and we are ready for the summer. Well, in college is completely different. The last two weeks of the semester were the worst with deadlines, projects, exams, all the subjects at once and then, suddendly, it all ends, the stress disappears and the summer had already begun. We went from one point to another completely different without having the chance to notice what was going on.
Then you start to get used to it, making plans with all of your friends for the next days, enjoying the sunny days and the fresh beers. I guess that are the plans you make in your head for the rest of the summer, but then you remember most of the friends you start having in college live in different places and at this time they turn back to their home town and bamm it is just you trying to do stuff kind of waiting to the end of summer so you can all be together again.
I guess that college years are the best years of our lives but also the ones that brings us the bigger mix of emotions at the same time.